Computer with Webcam?

Relationship Coaching ​is perfect for couples who are out of state but still want to meet with Laura and learn the best relationship tools for communication, managing conflict and deepening connection.  

Coaching is a community space to learn and grow together.  You will be paired with no more than 3 other couples. 

Video conferencing allows you to see and hear Laura as she shares her screen and exercises.  You can interact in real time, ask questions, offer feedback and process exercises.  

Each coaching session is designed to teach you a new skill to strengthen your relationship.  

Coaching is different from therapy.  You will not be asked to share personal details about your relationship with others or with Laura.     

Ready to sign up?  Click on the "New Client Login" button and register as a new client.  Each partner will need to register separately.  Take a look at the schedule and book one or multiple relationship coaching sessions.  

Ready for Relationship Coaching?

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$75 / Couple per Session

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