"Thank you for your absolutely outstanding presentation at our Crown Council’s 22nd Annual Event.  Your grasp of what it takes to communicate and your ability to present it to such a large group while keeping us all engaged and entertained was amazing.    Being able to hold a room for 150 minutes is no small thing.  Building and growing relationships among team members…a skill that can also be used at home…was not only a relevant topic, it provided real tangible things they could do tomorrow to make a difference.  Thank you for all your preparation and an awesome presentation.

If I could add a personal editorial note.   I’ve been engaging speakers for our Annual Event for a quarter of a century.  It’s easy to find presenters with great content.  It’s easy to find presenters who are entertaining enough they can hold the room.  I don’t know why, but It’s not as easy to find a woman who has great content or can deliver her message.  You are that rare one who hits home on all three.  You’re a woman; you have amazing content and you absolutely know how to deliver the message.  It’s the highest complement I can give."  - Greg Anderson, Crown Council

​"I’ve hired Laura to speak twice now and she exceeded our expectations both times. She is the perfect combination of knowledgeable yet down-to-earth; she presents the material in such a way that you feel like you’re having an intimate conversation with a good friend even when there are one hundred people in the room. She is confident in her delivery and skilled at connecting the material to the needs of the learner. Her wit and humour make the day fly by. We learned so much, laughed a lot and left with practical tools that could be put to immediate use. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura." - Angela Rolleman, Mission Empowerment!

"Laura was asked to speak at the Google-Kirkland, WA location about relationship health as featured presenter for our Talks @ Google series. She spoke on the topic of Relationships 101: The Science of Successful relationships featuring the John Gottman Seven Principles Program. This was not only helpful content for marriages, but any type of relationship we are in, co-workers, friendships, family, and romantic. Laura combined professionalism, research based content and light humor to this refreshing presentation on relationships  Everyone who attended the talk walked away with tools and resources to better the relationships in their lives. Months following Laura’s talk, Googlers are still talking about learnings from the talk, forwarding the recording to colleagues, and asking about the next installment. We were blown away and highly satisfied with Laura Heck enhancing the Talks @ Google series! " - Allison Keck, Google

"My husband and I had the best time, and walked away feeling like we had gained tools for us to have a better marriage. I love me some personal development, and was familiar with some of the ideas you taught us, but to do them with my husband was a game changer. I really think we walked away stronger! And most importantly, we are going to though the workbook and plan to read the book together, and have weekly discussions based on the various chapters. I am excited. And I started listening to your podcast….well done sista!"

"We were so impressed with how you were able to create a really dynamic presentation that kept everyones attention. You are so funny, told us great stories, illustrated the right amount of vulnerability       (Brene Brown style) and used good teaching strategies to keep us engaged. It was a very well structured workshop! "

"One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended. The presenters were organized, polished, sensitive to audience needs, transparent, and funny."  - Benita, Atlanta, Georgia

"I remain very impressed with the organization and enthusiasm mixed with immerse practical and empowering application."

"Presenters were knowledgeable and their interaction was great—Laura’s personality was delightful!"

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