"When my husband and I started meeting with Laura seven months ago, we were at a place where we saw each other as enemies. Neither of us could understand the perspective of the other. We initially sought her out because of her Gottman training. While that evidence-driven approach to looking at and talking about relationships has been helpful, Laura's ability to see through to the heart of the matter and to guide us there through her thoughtful questions and insights, her engaging personality, and hopeful attitude have been equally as important for us. She has helped us see the positive aspects of our marriage in some really dark and difficult times. She has given us skills and language to improve our communication. Through working with Laura, we're kinder to each other and ourselves."

My husband and I decided we wanted to strengthen our marriage before having kids and had read the Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work. We both appreciate a more scientific approach and found Laura is an expert in these principles. She has helped us work through a variety of topics and brought us closer together. We have never felt more connected and able to tackle life together. I feel as though she truly cares about our relationship and wants us to be in the best couple we can be. Our sessions fly by with her humor, her exercises and genuine interest in our lives. Thank you to Laura! We highly highly recommend her to any couple wanting to build up their marriage!



​​​"My husband and I chose Laura Heck because of her training and work with the Gottman Institute of the University of Washington. Both of us have a scientific mindset and wanted the evidence-based approach that a Gottman-trained counselor provided. I was not disappointed.  Laura helped my husband prepare for marriage after divorce and helped me overcome fears about becoming married for the first time in my mid 30s. Laura is compassionate and good at reading people. In addition, there is also a confidence that comes from knowing that the principals taught have worked for many other couples. Now, a year later and happily married, we still used the communication skills that we learned from Laura. I would highly recommend her to anyone for pre-marital or other couples counseling. "

"We were in a dark negative and painful place. We learned to reflect on the foundation of why we got married, when we fell in love, while we appreciate each other. We turned on the positive and grateful faucet with Laura Heck's help, to learn how to really engage all the reasons that we fell in love so that we can continue to be a happily married. We learned new skills and allowed us to stay focused on the positive and all the good things in our marriage and they stayed in good practice even when we fell back into hard times, her help has us forever grateful. "