Why Online Couples Therapy?

One of the most discouraging parts of couples therapy is the amount of time couples wait before seeking help.  On average, couples wait six years before seeking counsel.  By then, much damage has been done.  

To make couples therapy more approachable, I have removed many of the hurdles that keep couples from making their first appointment by conducting therapy through video conferencing.  Traffic, childcare, stress, parking, coordinating schedules and travel time are a burden, especially given relationship struggles.  

Relax in the comfort of your own home and join me for therapy through the wonders of the internet.  Not every couple will be right for video conference therapy.   The first session will help you and I both determine if this is a good fit for you.   If I determine that you are not a good fit for me, I will NOT charge you for our first session.  I will also provide you with a referral for someone who may be a better fit.  

What Do I Need To Get Started?

You will need a computer with video/audio capabilities.  A strong internet connection.  A quiet and private room to meet.  

How Much Are Sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes long and charged at the time of service for $220.00.  If you prefer longer sessions, we can discuss 75 or 90 minute sessions. 

​Can I Use Insurance?

I am not paneled with insurance companies and am considered an out-of-network provider.  I highly encourage you to speak with your insurance provider to see if they cover couples therapy.  If they do, it is always a good idea to try and find an in-network provider.  Some insurance providers will reimburse you for out-of-network therapy.  If that is the case, you have access to all receipts of service and able to submit to your insurance company at your convenience. 

How Often Do We Come to Therapy?

We will decide together after your first session if it makes sense for you to see me once a week or once every other week.  I don't recommend spacing therapy out any longer than bi-weekly.

Register As a New Client

Both you and your partner will need to register (separately) on the client portal.  Once registered, look at the calendar and find an open 50 minute appointment to register for your first session.  I will follow up with a confirmation email and instructions about our first session.