Top 5 Questions Couples Ask Me About Online Couples Therapy

#1  How Long is this Going to Take?

I am what is called a "brief therapist" which means that I am not interested in making a life long commitment with you.  I am interested in teaching you the skills you need to thrive as a couple so that my job becomes obsolete.  Most happy couples who have graduated from therapy have done so around 20-ish sessions but therapy is not a "one size fits all" approach.

#2  How Often Do We Meet With You?

I like to meet with couples every other week.  It gives you plenty of time to work on learning objectives between sessions and is more cost effective.  Now that you are wondering about cost, therapy sessions are $220.00/50 min. 

#3  What's Online Therapy Like?

Couples LOVE the online therapy option.  You get to relax in the comfort of your own home, pet your cat, and I get to sit in my pajama pants in my home office.   Online therapy frees you from the stress of childcare, traffic and parking.  

#4  What Kind of Therapist Are You?

I am very hands on and directive in my practice.  You can expect to do some talking to me but my goal is for you to talk more to your partner than to me.  I have a goal to teach with each session and to leave you with learning objectives to practice between sessions.  I am also pretty forward and believe that you came to therapy to get a shake up in your current cycle.  I call it as I see it but always do so with love and respect.

#5  Are You Going to Tell Us to Divorce?

No, but I may think it.  I am committed to your overall health and wellness as well as the children that you may have in your life.  If your goal is to transform your relationship for better, I will help you do that.  If your goal is to split on good terms and with a friendship still intact, I will help you do that.  You identify where you want to go, I will guide you to the destination.